Our Projects

The Period Project

The Period Project provides menstruation packs, support, and assistance to women, transmen, and GNC & NB people experiencing homelessness.

The School Project

The School Project aims to make sure children displaced by domestic abuse have all they need to continue their education with as minimal disruption as possible.

The Plate Up Project

The Plate Up Project support women experiencing domestic abuse by providing a hand up not a hand out with a guided pathway to employment and financial independence.

Sleeping Bags For Homelessness

The hope of Sleeping Bags For Homelessness is to provide a warm clean sleeping bag to every person experiencing homelessness on the streets.

Essentials 4 women south Australia

Essentials 4 Women SA aims to provide all women with the basic, but costly, items for feminine hygiene including sanitary products & underwear.

Black Pack Project

The Black Pack Project is an extension of Sleeping Bags for Homelessness. When we are out handing out Sleeping Bags on the street we now provide survival packs.


National Homeless Collective operate without any government funding.

We rely on donations from generous people and companies.

If you would like to donate we would really appreciate your generosity.