Canberra Period Project met with Giulia Jones MLA

Susan Scollen from the Canberra Period Project met with Giulia Jones MLA to discuss the homelessness, the requirement for a range of models to meet needs and the depth of the issues were currently experiencing in Canberra and the surrounding region. Susan has been liaising with agencies in the region

Full Moon Meditation Workshop

We’re thrilled to host this beautiful Full Moon Meditation workshop in our gorgeous Kala Courtyard. If you’re interested in meditation or just want to try it out, or perhaps curious about crystals and moon ceremony, this beautiful calming event is for you. Come join us for a meditation moon circle.

Big Family Dinner

The incredible folk over at Lentil As Anything do so much good in our community. But they’re sinking because people aren’t paying their fair share for their meals. So, we’re going to help them out and in the process help bring our two beautiful charities even close together. Melbourne Period

Your Daily Coffee Can Help

Amy is one of our directors and one of my favourite people in the charity realm. Amy sees an injustice or need in the community and she goes full steam ahead to find a solution. Have a read about what she is doing today and How Your Coffee Can Help

Homeless Awareness Week Launch

What a lovely morning we had with our offical launch of Homeless Awareness Week 2019. We would like to thank Samantha Ratnam - Leader of the Victorian Greens, Tim Read MP and Peter Khalil MP, Federal Member for Wills for attending and speaking today about their passion for ending homelessness. It was an absolute


Thank you Vollyspot A touch over twelve months ago the National Homeless Collective were contacted by the amazing people at Vollyspot. The team at Vollyspot had been following our Melbourne Period Project initiative and wanted to assist us in any way possible. Vollyspot then invited us to partner up for

Homelessness Awareness Week

Today is the start of Homelessness Awareness Week 2019 and six months since Kala opened its doors. Our focus at The Kala Space is on employment for women experiencing homelessness and domestic abuse. We are so proud of each of the incredible women we employ. They are strong, talented and

Kala Space Gift Vouchers

We are so pleased to let you know about our new gift voucher system at our op shop, The Kala Space. For every dollar purchased in gift vouchers we give the same amount to someone experiencing homelessness. Buy a gift voucher for a friend and help someone in need at