1550 Life Saving Sleeping Bags Distributed

It’s been as cold as -2 degrees some mornings. Imaging sleeping in that, or waking up to that. It’s absolutely horrific and inhumane.

Sometimes it can be a while between posts but please know that’s because we’re just so busy getting these bags out and running things behind the scenes.

We’ve had around 1800 bags purchased and donated. We’ve got 250 left that we’re rationing out now.

That means 1550 life saving sleeping bags have been distributed during this brutal winter thanks to your generosity. These along with other warm items like socks, beanies, scarves and jackets have helped make a huge difference to people sleeping rough.

The team at Anonymous X form a huge part in making this happen with their outreach teams hitting the streets and delivering sleeping bags and other necessities wherever needed. A bit thank you and shout out to AX for what they do!

Round of applause for Bec and Simon from Anonymous X, getting more bags out to those we support.


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