One of the things we constantly aim to do is to change the narrative around homelessness (among other things), and encourage people to think of homelessness as an experience, not a definition of a person. Back in August we were visited by a journalist from Chanel 10 who spent the day with us to learn more about what we do at the Period Project and with our work in our other projects. One of the things we talked about was the use of preferred language and how important it is. So I was rather thrilled yesterday when I was randomly […]

Are you looking to buy a Xmas Present that will give someone an amazing gift that they would never have thought of receiving? Sadly domestic violence can leave mums and kids totally isolated and without any economic independence. We want to surround them with nice people, build new and healthy relationships with positive and supportive people. We are throwing these mums and kids a Christmas Day with all the trimmings. Please click the link and help us make this happen and in turn give yourself the gift of knowing you are doing your bit to spread some much needed Christmas […]

Want to give a magical Christmas gift to a person experiencing homelessness, without spending a cent? We have just the thing and we desperately need your help. And your vote! By voting for Plate Up Project you’re providing someone with a direct pathway out of homelessness and into employment. And it won’t cost you a cent. Please, click on the link below and vote for Plate Up Project and give someone a much brighter Christmas every year.

Want to volunteer? We had a lot of interest from people who want to join our renovation rescue team but who weren’t able to make it on Sunday. The renovations are for our new community space and Op Shop that will provide new and supportive employment opportunities for women experiencing homelessness and escaping domestic abuse situations. We have the space but it needs a lot of love can care. If you’d like to contribute to the renovations in any way please join the group and please tag or bring along anyone whom you think might be able to help us. […]

Christmas is a time of giving, and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to give these gifts to children experiencing homelessness this Christmas. Our very organised supervisor, Santa Simon and his team of lovely elves wrapped all 89 of these gifts yesterday and they’ll be delivered soon to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas Day. A huge thank you to Good360 Australia and to LEGO for donating us all of these beautiful gifts. There are going to be some very happy and excited kids this Christmas who otherwise would have been left without anything to open Christmas morning. Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you […]

What an absolutely incredible start to our renovation rescue day! Just as we opened the doors these two beautiful people, Angie and Geoff, came in with (what they said was) a ‘little’ surprise for us. Turns out that little surprise was a cheque for $2500 to get our renovations up and running! Wow!! Every year Angie and Geoff hold a card making and raffle day to raise money for a chosen charity. This year they raised over $5000 and split it between two charities. We were one of the the very lucky recipients! We were just overjoyed with their generosity […]

A HUGE thank you and so much love to Lauren and the team at Bunnings Port Melbourne and to Tessa Jane and the team at Bunnings Brunswick for our brand new BBQ and gas bottle! We plan on having many community BBQ’s in our gorgeous new courtyard to help reconnect people experiencing homelessness, and we cannot wait for you all to join us! First BBQ is tomorrow for our reno planning day! 2pm, 50 Lygon Street Brunswick East!