As I sit here reflecting on the incredible event that came together today I’m struck by so many different thoughts. Although I knew in my heart that people are incredible and they are often looking for avenues to share love and support to others, today I got to see that love in action. And my heart just about burst right out of my chest. I had an idea to bring isolated single parents and their children together on Christmas Day so they’d have somewhere to to spend Christmas where they’d be welcomed. I knew I couldn’t do it on my […]

On Friday we we’re absolutely honoured and so blessed to meet Beth and the staff from Aurecon in Docklands and pick up this incredible collection of gifts. Beth had heard about our charity and organised a Christmas wishing tree where over 300 staff members donated Christmas gifts. The donations filled up our 7 seater SUV and every single one had so much thought put into it. These gifts will be given to the parents and children attending our Christmas Day lunch. Thank you so much Beth and the entire team at Aurecon. We are so very grateful for your support […]

I spent 9 years as a single parent and I remember how tough some of those Christmas’ were. It was so hard some years, especially not having other adults to share it with. Sharing the joy of watching kids open presents, and sitting back chatting after being stuffed full of Christmas goodness, singing Christmas Carols. All of those thing that make Christmas what it is. It was hard not having someone else to share that with. I loved that the kids had fun but it was such a lonely time for me. When I started this charity I knew Christmas […]

What an incredible day the Kala crew had on Saturday at the Vollyspot BBQ Fundraiser at Fairfield Amphitheater. Great company, great music and lots of snags and popcorn We’re proud charity partners of Vollyspot and their ongoing support helps us to raise much needed funds to help people experiencing homelessness. Thank you Vollyspot A massive thank you to our amazing volunteers who gave up their Saturday to flip sausages and listen to beats: Glenn, Luke, Tania, Olga, Donna B, Archie, Shadee, Louis, Kellie Anne, Laura, Amy, Jo, Yumi and Gilbert A special thank you to Helen and Katie who managed […]