2020 Sleeping Bags for Homelessness drive.

Coronavirus has made us a little late getting started this year but we’re finally officially launching our 2020 Sleeping Bags for Homelessness drive.

This is our 5th year providing life saving sun zero temperature rates sleeping bags for people experiencing homelessness right across the country. Last year we reached 1883 bags and this year we’re aiming for 2020 bags.

Many people have been given shelter due to Coronavirus but as the coldest weather hits that shelter will expire and most people will be back on the streets. This is when we’re going to need those bags.

There are still many people who haven’t been able to find shelter and we’re giving them as many sleeping bags as we can. But now we need your help.

Our sleeping bags cost anywhere between $23 and $75, depending on the person’s circumstances. We average them out at $35 per bag.

Even if you buy one bag you’re saving a life or at very least saving a person from a winter full of misery being left freezing cold on the streets.

Please donate to our fundraiser below or to via our website link. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible. Every cent goes toward providing sleeping bags for people experiencing homelessness.

Please help us get to our target of 2020 life saving sleeping bags in 2020. We desperately need your help

Please donate by clicking the link below or donating via our website