We need to talk. Something has been on my mind and I haven’t said anything yet, but as the founder of this charity, it’s time for me to speak. What’s been on my mind is the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, the protests and the anti protests. As an Aboriginal woman I have suffered discrimination and seen my Mother, family and loved ones be reduced and treated as nothing but lesser inferior humans, animals even, because of the colour of their skin. This has affected me my entire life in ways that would take me months to write and you weeks […]

(Mentions DV, mental health, trauma) I got a call from my Doctor today. It suprised me when I saw her number on my phone screen because I wasn’t expecting it. My mind raced. Did I have test results coming back? Was I late for an appointment? Did I have antibiotics that needed changing? Everything ran through my mind in half a second and I came up blank. I had no idea why she was calling. It seemed like an eternity but it was only a second before I answered. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I just didn’t know who else […]

Once again what an incredible day! We don’t have a final tally but we managed to gather four large boxes of items for the Yuendumu senior fellas health and hygiene programe and raised over $2000 to purchase more of what they need. These items will be shipped up to the Northern Territory by our good friends at StarTrack. A huge thank you to our volunteers MelAnnetteSineaidJoCaitlinPierretteAngelaNevenaKylie FarrugiaBonitaKaiMimma For helping out today and making it such an incredible success. We can’t do this without your support 🙏

Christine: (Mentions domestic abuse, police, family violence, murder, escape, police.) We haven’t spoken of Christine for a while but we have an update for those of you who have been following her story. Firstly, she is safe. After being removed from her home with the assistance of detectives from the family violence unit Christine was given a medical check up and taken to a safe secure location. She was relieved to have been ‘saved’, for want of a better term. Christine told me she honestly couldn’t see any way out and believed her only escape would be through death, when […]