Merry Christmas everyone 🎄 Santa is off to deliver some Christmas presents today to some special children and parents who need a bit of extra Christmas cheer. Thank you all for helping to make this happen and for making Christmas Day so special for these families. Wishing you all a safe and happy time during the festive season. Wherever you are and whoever you’re with, may you always find joy in those moments. With love from all of us at MPP and National Homeless Collective 🎄❤️

Can we please give a huge shout out to Bec and the team at adrift for their love, kindness and generosity shown to our project and the children we support 🙏 This phenomenal gifts is already helping so many children in need. Read more below about how Adrift and how they have generously supported our School Project.

“What do you do when you want something to look like a horse?” “Usually we just tape a bunch of cats together” The Simpsons: Radioactive ManSeason 7. Episode 2 Homelessness is not a choice. It is a systemic failure of policies and laws, and of procedures and systems. It is caused by the failure of successive governments to fully, adequately and comprehensively address the issue of homelessness from the cause to the cure. It’s not as though they haven’t had time. Governments are either cutting funding or ploughing it into an ineffective system that burns through funds without providing any […]

Shout out to the legends Pete, Hilton & Dale from F45 Training Woodville for digging deep for Aboriginal women and children this Christmas. Christmas time is incredibly difficult for women experiencing domestic violence in shelters and temporary accommodation. Providing a special day for their kids is often not possible. With KWY Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Services we know these generous folks will make a difference this year. Thank you 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

It was hard to keep a tally but we have a good guesstimate that we have handed out well over 2000 toys for kids in need this Christmas 🎄 Given we were aiming for the sky with our request for 250 gifts this is absolutely phenomenal. We just can’t thank you all enough. So many families are doing it tough this Christmas with many losing jobs and income security because of Covid. We’re thrilled to be able to help them out and bring some Christmas joy for them this year. We were able to fill the Christmas wish list for […]

Food glorious festive Christmas food! We are so blessed to be supported by Richard and Mel from Market in a Box who dropped off 10 amazing fruit and vegetable hampers today. They also donated a very generous $300 for the families so we went and bought each family a Christmas food hamper to add to the box. These incredible food hampers are now on their way from Werribee to Wollert, Mernda to Melton, and everywhere in between. Thank you so much to everyone at Market in a Box for your support. Christmas is going to be extra special for so […]

National Homeless Collective was honoured to once again support the children attending the DAIWS Christmas party in Darwin. This year we were able to provide gifts for 118 children who attended the party. It was an incredible feeling seeing each of the children receive their gifts from Santa. NHC School Project has a strong focus on giving children the opportunity to create fond memories to reflect on later in life. We certainly achieved this! It was also an honour to catch up with our board member Amy Rust and Kate Worden MLA: Member for Sanderson. We chatted about the needs […]

Our annual Christmas lunch for isolated single parents and their children is on again this year. 🎄🎁If you are a single parent with children and would like to attend and share an amazing friendly and welcoming Christmas Day lunch with us please click the link below and book your tickets. 🎁🎄 Unfortunately due to covid restrictions we need to keep our numbers of guests and volunteers lower than usual so we only have space for four families left. Our Volunteer list is now full but we thank each and every one of you for offering to assist.

When mums and kids flee domestic violence they generally do so with just the clothes on their backs. When the amazing people at Launch Housing start working with these families they contact us at the National Homeless Collective so we can assist the kids via our School Project. We believe every child has the right to an education and also the right to experience those positive memories at school camps and swimming. The School Project’s aim is to provide any equipment required to help the kids continue with their education. We provide equipment like books, stationery, bags and lunch packs. […]

Below is an excerpt from the Women Beyond 40 Blog: Proud Indigenous woman Donna Stolzenberg is a CEO, keynote speaker and trainer. In 2014, she had the simple idea of handing out 50 donated sleeping bags to homeless people. That idea has evolved into a nationwide charity. The National Homeless Collective (NHC) is a grassroots Australian organisation that helps people affected by homelessness, domestic violence and social disadvantage. A mother of five boys and a grandmother of two, Donna has lived experience of overcoming homelessness and hardship. Under Donna’s direction, NHC has created six sub-charities targeting different issues – Period […]