Can we please give a huge shout out to Bec and the team at adrift for their love, kindness and generosity shown to our project and the children we support 🙏 This phenomenal gifts is already helping so many children in need. Read more below about how Adrift and how they have generously supported our School Project.

“What do you do when you want something to look like a horse?” “Usually we just tape a bunch of cats together” The Simpsons: Radioactive ManSeason 7. Episode 2 Homelessness is not a choice. It is a systemic failure of policies and laws, and of procedures and systems. It is caused by the failure of successive governments to fully, adequately and comprehensively address the issue of homelessness from the cause to the cure. It’s not as though they haven’t had time. Governments are either cutting funding or ploughing it into an ineffective system that burns through funds without providing any […]