What’s life like for a person experiencing homelessness? You spend your day looking for a meal, a place to sit without being told to “move on,” somewhere to take care of bathroom needs and a dry quiet warm space to sleep. There are no safe places to store belongings, you just hope and pray you’ll survive another night and day. Please help us to help our friends on the streets by purchasing a ticket in our raffle.https://www.raffletix.com.au/elementaluxuryholiday1 $25 Ticket buys a sleeping bag so they are not suffering in the cold and rain.1 $25 Ticket will buy enough food to […]

Yesterday reminded me of how much I love the work we do with this charity and the incredible things we get to do and achieve. Yesterday we drove two and a half hours with a fully loaded trailer to help strangers who are now friends. Yesterday I was absolutely honoured to meet 8 of the most amazing, incredible and inspirational women I will ever meet in my life. These 8 women escaped the horrific and brutal regime of the Taliban. They fled their home country of Afghanistan and became refugees in ours. They spent days in hiding and crossed the […]