2nd Load to the Towers

Today thanks to your generosity we took our second load of nappies, formula and sanitary items to the residents of the 3031-3051 towers and have another load ready to head out in the morning.

Charities are considered an essential service so we will still be able to reach the residents of the towers even though the city has gone into lockdown again as of tomorrow.

Unfortunately due to rules around contact points we cannot accept donations of products. We apologise for this however the more contact we have with people who are donating, the more chances we have of coming into contact with the virus and spreading it to others.

The best way to help now is to donate financially. We have a pinned post for Facebook donations or you can head to our website to make a PayPal or GiveNow donation. No doubt this will be a long and ongoing situation. We appreciate your support so very much.



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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Are Awesome

Tue Jul 7 , 2020
Can we please give a standing ovation and round of applause to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) for their unconditional love and unwavering support for the residents locked down in the Melbourne towers. This incredible group of volunteers have cooked around 2000 meals for the residents. Not only that, they have taken the time to cook traditional flavoured meals inspired from the many countries of those who reside in the towers. It just doesn’t get any more heartfelt and compassionate as this. I remember not long after I started this charity, it was only about 8 months when old […]