Lauren “It could have been me”

(Content warning: Mentions violence, murder, attempted murder) Do you remember Lauren? She called me today. “Did you hear the news?

Working together, helping everyone.

The bushfires may be out but many people still don’t have homes to go back to. Relief efforts are still

International Women’s Day

‘A politician, an actor and an Aboriginal woman walk into a bar...’ To find out what happens next you’ll need

Fire Relief Contributions

We received another 10,000 pairs of underwear from the incredible team at Silent Arrow and this means we have now

Fire Relief Update

FIRE RELIEF UPDATE 🔥 Some roads have been opened now for families to return to their land, but many are

Update On Lauren

💜Update on Lauren💜 Incredible generous people doing incredible things! Yesterday Pierrette dropped on with a brand new vacuum cleaner, mob

Mega $2 Shoe Sale

To celebrate the start of 02/20 we’re having a MEGA $2 SHOE SALE at The Kala Space 👠All shoes only

Lauren’s Wish List

Lauren’s wish list. If you’re able to buy any of these items please comment in the post so we don’t

NHC Queensland Bushfire Relief

The National Homeless Collective Via The Brisbane Period Project and Kala Q needs your help in getting sanitary items, toiletries