Homeless in New York City

Looks so much like Melbourne, doesn’t it? People sleeping on the streets with nowhere to call home. This is New

The Homeless Period Project – USA

It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside our Sanitary Sisters from the USA last night and joint in on

The School Project enables 10 year old boy with Bike Education

Yesterday the wonderful Nadine from Launch Housing got in contact with us to advise there was a young 10 year

Essentials 4 Women SA donation drive

The next Essentials 4 Women SA donation drive kicks off in a week!!! Steven Marshall has been good enough to have his office

Thank You Westpac Foundation

We are absolutely thrilled to have our hard work recognised yet again. Recognition by such an esteemed Group as the

Ride Like The Wind Little One

As a parent of a child with autism this was such a bittersweet moment. Late yesterday afternoon we received a

Lets Talk Safe Sex

We need to talk about sex. Safe sex. Women experiencing homelessness do often have sex, just like the rest of

NHC Annual Report 2018

Please find the 2018 Annual Report for The National Homeless Collective below. Please have a read and see what we

1550 Life Saving Sleeping Bags Distributed

It’s been as cold as -2 degrees some mornings. Imaging sleeping in that, or waking up to that. It’s absolutely