Assisting victims of violence and people experiencing homelessness

Assisting victims of violence and people experiencing homelessness is something our charity, National Homeless Collective has become well known for, but what is not widely known is the lack of support for families of victims who are themselves suffering.

In May 2019 25 year old woman Courtney Herron was murdered in a cold Melbourne park after she befriended a stranger and bought him dinner. Courtney’s murder has left her family broken and struggling to find support for their grief and trauma.

Our system does not help the families of victims. It leaves them grief stricken, alone and scrambling to find any scrap of support they might be entitled to.

Courtney’s father John Herron and NHC founder Donna Stolzenberg discuss the chronic lack of support available to victims families in this article by Aleksandra Bliszczyk.

Please click the link below to read the full article.


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