Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Are Awesome

Can we please give a standing ovation and round of applause to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) for their unconditional love and unwavering support for the residents locked down in the Melbourne towers.

This incredible group of volunteers have cooked around 2000 meals for the residents. Not only that, they have taken the time to cook traditional flavoured meals inspired from the many countries of those who reside in the towers. It just doesn’t get any more heartfelt and compassionate as this.

I remember not long after I started this charity, it was only about 8 months when old I first came across the ASRC. I was ashamed that I hadn’t considered the many differing cultural needs of the women we were supporting. A chance meeting with two ASRC volunteers taught me so much and I was so glad I met them.

This chance meeting completely changed the way we looked at how we supported people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. We knew we needed to take cultural norms and customs into account when supporting people and we knew we needed to consult with experts from each community.

We suddenly knew what we didn’t know.

Please give your love and support to our friends at ASRC for everything they do. And please, ask yourself what you might be able to learn from those who come from different backgrounds, different lands and different pastimes to you.

I know we have learned so much, and every single part of this journey has benefited someone along the way.


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