The School Project enables 10 year old boy with Bike Education

Yesterday the wonderful Nadine from Launch Housing got in contact with us to advise there was a young 10 year old boy in their care that could not participate in Bike Education at his school. Today I delivered her a new Bike and Helmet.

Our goal at The School Project is to help by assisting in any way possible to ensure that the children can continue their education after being displaced.

Experiencing Homelessness sadly comes in so many ways and the children are just innocent victims.

When Nadine contacted us we made the decision to get this young boy a new bike and helmet so he could continue his education and learn the responsibilities of safe riding. This is such an important initiative to keep our kids safe on the roads. Being able to participate is not only important for his education but also to maintain his consistent inclusion in activities that all the other kids take for granted.

It is because of our amazing supporters that donate to us that allow us to have the privilege of helping such children.

So to all you that have supported us through donations, volunteering and liking The School Project Facebook Page, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You can take pride in yourself that your support and donations are making real changes for little kids.

At The School Project we have several initiatives including:

  • Educating Kids on Homelessness and the Community
  • Providing Brand New Back Packs stocked with every school essential needed to continue their education
  • Providing Swimming Packs so children can participate in School Swimming Programs
  • Providing Camp Packs so children can participate in School Camps
  • Providing Bikes and Helmets so children can participate in Bike Education

Once again thank you so much for your support and please continue to support us and spread the word, like our pages and get involved so that we can continue to help these amazing children.


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