Brownie The Brave

Brownie is a brave and loyal companion who looks after his human, Jodie, and protects her as they live on the streets.

Brownie was sick recently and needed urgent vet help. His Mum took him to Lort Smith, where he received amazing care, but vet care is expensive and Jodie was left struggling to pay the bill.

So we decided to do a fundraiser to see if we could help out, and in a matter of hours we had enough to take care of Brownies vet bill so his Mum had one less thing to worry about.

It was so lovely catching up with Jodie today and letting her know the bill was all taken care of and she didn’t have to worry about it any more.

Jodie was thrilled and very relieved when we told her. She said, “I’m so happy to know the bill is gone. I was worried about how I’d ever afford to pay it. I don’t have any money. What if he needed more care? I didn’t know if I could even take him back.”

We let Jodie know that if Brownie does need more care we’d ask our supporters to pitch in and see what we could do. He needs to be healthy and strong to protect his Mum.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to help make this possible. Brownie is getting stronger and better every day. He’ll be back to his old self soon.

He is one very loved Doggo.


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Sleeping Bags For Perth

Wed Jun 20 , 2018
We were in Perth this week spending time with the team from the Perth Homeless Support Group. Ron and Michael from PHSG have an incredible team behind them and so some amazing work connecting with people experiencing homelessness in the Perth area. We donated a stack of much needed sleeping bags from our recent sleeping bag drive and joined the team for a Sunday morning street catch up. It was was an incredible day. We’re super proud to be connected with this inspiring group of amazing humans. — with Donna Zen and Ron Reid.