Canberra Period Project met with Giulia Jones MLA

Susan Scollen from the Canberra Period Project met with Giulia Jones MLA to discuss the homelessness, the requirement for a range of models to meet needs and the depth of the issues were currently experiencing in Canberra and the surrounding region.

Susan has been liaising with agencies in the region to discuss the current issues and it was great to spend time with Giulia, who’s Shadow Minister for Women, Corrections, and Police & Emergency Services.

We agreed that there are incredible people who are working tirelessly to provide services to the people that need it. People will always require these services but it’s the ‘how’ they access them and providing the right level of support in what is a person-centric model.

The Canberra Period Project believe that when we come at this with heart, passion and love, we – as a community – can create sustainable and evolving change.

Thanks for your time Giulia.


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