Yesterday we helped another 24 kids who, without your donations, would be back at school without the essentials. With our corporate crew from Flight Centre helping us pack, we smashed out 21 bags for the senior kids and 3 bags for the junior kids, which drummond street services will distribute to waiting families at the local City of Yarra commission flats. Each bag contains lunch boxes, books, stationary, a fully kitted out pencil case and more. “They are so, so grateful and couldn’t do it without you” says our contact at Drummond Street Services. And by “you”, we mean “you”, […]

Well this was amazing. Today we made about 100 crisis bags for women in crisis and refuge accommodation. Each bag has 4 new articles of clothing from Adrift and Sportsgirl including a dress, pants, shirt and jumper 3 pairs of underwear Toiletries bag with shampoo conditioner deodorant body wash body crème. Period pack 3 pairs of socks We also include new shoes and new bras which are given out depending on size. Heaps of fun having the crew from Flight Centre Australia with us both today and yesterday to firstly help sort our warehouse and then help us pack these […]

Last night I spoke to an incredible group of women about the work we do here at National Homeless Collective and the Period Project. One of the topics I touch on is the gender differences in disaster management. Women always fare worse off in disasters This is because disaster management tends to be a male dominated field however infant and home care tend to be female dominated roles. Women are more likely to die or be seriously injured or die in a disaster simply because they can’t run if they need to because they have the care of infants and […]

Our hearts (and Period Packs!) go out to the victims of the NSW and QLD floods. The incredible Kelly from our sister charity Underwear for Humanity came in to pick up some Period Packs to take to flood victims along with hundreds of pairs of new underwear. We can’t do much but we can do something. At least we know those who are affected by the floods and are menstruating won’t be left without sanitary items. This is what you do. This is how you help. Thank you so much from all of us xx

Today we witnessed one of the most incredible acts of human kindness we have ever seen. It bought us all to tears. As many of you know we have been helping a lady named Kelly, who has been through the most horrendous ordeal of domestic violence recovery then having her home broken into and completely trashed. Kelly and her three children lost everything they own. They slept in their car for six weeks before finally finding another place to live. For the past few months we have been selling raffle tickets to help support Kelly and hundreds of other women […]

What a year! We cannot thank you all enough for your support and for helping us to assist thousands of people in need all across the country. We have achieved so many incredible things during endless lockdowns and covid restrictions, stops and starts and changes no one could ever see coming. But we did it! Things are different but we are still all in this together. Your help and support has been the only thing that allowed us to keep going. We haven’t been able to thank each person individually because wow, there were so many of you! But we […]

Update and a huge thank you from Kelly. Thanks to your generosity we have helped Kelly and her children re settle into a new property far away from the abuse and trauma they were suffering. We have engaged a lawyer to assist in finding answers as to why Kelly was placed in a house next to a violent convicted criminal and pedophile. The case has also had media attention and we will ensure Kelly’s privacy is maintained while answers ars found. Kelly is settling in well and sends a huge thank you to everyone who donated items and assisted in […]

We are thrilled to invite single parents and their children to our 2021 NHC Christmas party. Please register to attend by emailing us at with details of your childrens ages, gender and if there is anything in particular they might like from Santa! If you’re not able to attend but would like support with gifts for your children this Christmas please also email us so we can orgsnise some special gifts from Santa. If you would like to support a family to attend the Christmas party and also give yourself a chance to win a luxury holiday for Christmas […]

What’s life like for a person experiencing homelessness? You spend your day looking for a meal, a place to sit without being told to “move on,” somewhere to take care of bathroom needs and a dry quiet warm space to sleep. There are no safe places to store belongings, you just hope and pray you’ll survive another night and day. Please help us to help our friends on the streets by purchasing a ticket in our raffle. $25 Ticket buys a sleeping bag so they are not suffering in the cold and rain.1 $25 Ticket will buy enough food to […]

Yesterday reminded me of how much I love the work we do with this charity and the incredible things we get to do and achieve. Yesterday we drove two and a half hours with a fully loaded trailer to help strangers who are now friends. Yesterday I was absolutely honoured to meet 8 of the most amazing, incredible and inspirational women I will ever meet in my life. These 8 women escaped the horrific and brutal regime of the Taliban. They fled their home country of Afghanistan and became refugees in ours. They spent days in hiding and crossed the […]

After a quick drop off earlier in the week it was great to get back to Puti on Kaurna Yerta (or Bush in the City) today with toiletries of shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. This is a really innovative idea that brings service providers and government agencies together to a safe space where transient and homeless Aboriginal people are able to camp out, and access much needed services. There were lots of smiles about the place and so good to hear 16 people have already returned to country in the one week Puti on Kaurna Yerta has been open 🖤💛❤️ […]

Thank you Chuffed Skates and in particular Cath who has chosen The Period Project as her charity of choice. $10 from every purchase of “Blue Viper Collection” skates from Chuffed Skates being donated to The Period Project. We so thankful and appreciate the amazing support and generosity shown by Cath and Chuffed Skates. Please go and check out and get your hands on, well at least your feet in a pair of the Blue Vipers they are incredible as you can see below. <figure class=’gallery-item’> <a data-elementor-open-lightbox=”yes” data-elementor-lightbox-slideshow=”71cd3af” data-elementor-lightbox-title=”IMG_8332″ href=’’><img width=”150″ height=”150″ src=”×150.jpg” alt=”” loading=”lazy” srcset=”×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×640.jpg […]