What a team! Our super volunteers masked up, kept at least 1.5m apart, took their temps, sanitised and gloved their hands to make up 50 infant packs with nappies, baby food and wipes, and 60 Period Packs with pads, tampons, liners and three pairs of underwear from Silent Arrow in each box. We worked into the night and even ate individual socially distanced snacks outside in the courtyard on our breaks A huge thank you to Dayle for running us through the COVIDSafe education session so we made sure we were all safe. Not all volunteers are pictured because we […]

We start this new week with a desperate call out. We have a Mum and her daughter finally moving into their own place on Wednesday after being cramped in with another family due to domestic violence, and they have absolutely nothing. We want to help but because of Covid we also have a duty of care not to expose them to many different people and products, and not to encourage people to leave their homes to donate. So, we need to do a fundraiser and do a click and drop directly to them. This Mama needs absolutely everything but she’s […]

Can we please get a huge thank you for Van and the team at Furniture & Mattress Depot in Melton for their incredible customer service and fantastic discount they gave us today. Please see pinned post for more details. With their support we were able to get all of this furniture including another full double bed suite (not pictured), and still have enough left over for a TV, vacuum cleaner, dryer, towels, linen and other essentials. All of this will be delivered on Saturday to our Mama and her daughter who are moving out on their own, finally into their […]

What a busy end to the week! Well, our week never really ends. We just keep going every day to wherever we’re needed. A few days ago we received a message from our friends at Launch Housing asking if we could assist with a bike for a Dad who just wanted to go out riding with his children. We had previously purchased bikes for the kids when homelessness struck and the Dad just wanted to be able to have an outing with them doing something they loved. Riding their bikes! We were more than happy to oblige and were so […]

The week isn’t even over, yet we have already helped hundreds of isolated families affected by Covid-19 lockdown restrictions with a phenomenal number of donations. We have also delivered dozens of Period Packs, new underwear and other essential items. But it’s not just about the item itself. It’s about what it represents. It eases the burden and it shows people that others really do care, and that no matter what, they’re not in it alone. You, our followers, have done an incredible job making this happen. We thank you all so very much.

In the past week alone we drove over 750km picking up and delivering necessities to families and community members during the covid lockdown. Today’s haul was just as mighty as will be dispersed early tomorrow morning to those in need. Toiletries, sanitary, hygiene items plus nappies and formula are so desperately needed out there in the community by people experiencing poverty and who are isolated. The photos might seem like they’re on rotate but to the people receiving these items they mean fed babies, better hygiene, menstruation management and some much needed economic relief. Thank you for supporting us. Thank […]

The coronavirus is only getting worse in our beautiful city. In some areas it’s more concentrated than others. Brimbank council has seen a much higher number than most areas and this concerns us greatly. We’re now working alongside Brimbank Council to help make sure no one has to leave home to receive food, sanitary items, toiletries, nappies or formula. The stay at home rule is difficult to follow for isolated single parents who don’t have someone to shop for them, are facing poverty and are putting themselves at risk by attending crowded shopping centres with small children. Brimbank council has […]

Our super team of socially distanced, masked up volunteers, Dayle, Jo and Kate spent their Saturday boxing up the last of the items heading north to the Yuendumu community in the Northern Territory. A huge thank you to these three absolute super stars for giving up their time. We appreciate you all so much. Unfortunately as the coronavirus spreads and becomes harder to contain in our lovely city we have had to make the very difficult decision to stop all packing days until further notice. We need to keep everyone safe and we feel that packing days pose and unnecessary […]

Take a look at this gorgeous scan photo! Today we got to visit Katie (Social distancing in place!) and deliver the wonderful gifts you have all bought for her and her girls. It was so lovely being able to drop everything off and know Katie now has absolutely everything she needs for the arrival of her baby girl. A huge thank you from us to everyone who had helped out. A big special hug to Angie and Geoff who have adopted this gorgeous little family and will be taking good care of them. A few words from Katie… To all […]

Can we please get another round of applause for Super Simon who showed up again today to take another run of nappies, formula, sanitary items, underwear and toiletries to the tower residents in Collingwood? Working alongside Rebecca and the incredible team at drummond street services means that we get to support hundreds more people in need especially in these incredibly difficult times. Simon is actually coming back on Monday to take out yet another load of essential items to these vulnerable families. Thanks again for allyour hard work, Simon. You’re one of the best 🥰🙏

Thanks to your incredible generosity we’re now providing formula, nappies, sanitary items and toiletries to single parents who are struggling with isolation. Today our awesome superstar Dayle called in to pick up tins of formula, nappies, underwear, sanitary items and toiletries for Mums in need of support. Lockdown works differently for everyone and not everyone has the support of family and friends to help get them through. There are many reasons people end up completely on their own. Domestic violence is often a contributing factor, as is arriving into the country as a refugee, or just not having any family […]

Can we give a huge round of applause for one of our incredible supporters, Nat Trajcevski. Nat nominated us for a $10,000 CommBank Staff Foundation Grant and we won! This money will be used to support even more people in need, especially those in hardship due to social isolation. Thank you so much Nat and thank you Commbank. We are so incredibly grateful for your support. Round of applause for Nat! 👏 👏👏👏