Change the Narrative around homelessness

One of the things we constantly aim to do is to change the narrative around homelessness (among other things), and encourage people to think of homelessness as an experience, not a definition of a person.

Back in August we were visited by a journalist from Chanel 10 who spent the day with us to learn more about what we do at the Period Project and with our work in our other projects. One of the things we talked about was the use of preferred language and how important it is.
So I was rather thrilled yesterday when I was randomly reading an article about positive things that happened in 2018, and noticed the writer had used the term, ‘families experiencing homelessness.’

I scrolled up to see who had written it and it was the same person who had visited us back in August.

This might seem like a small and possibly insignificant detail but that article is reaching thousands of people. The more we encourage the media to report stories in the way those they’re writing about would prefer, the more we effect social change in the big issues.

And aside, some really good things did happen in 2018. This was one of them.

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