Christmas in the Courtyard

I spent 9 years as a single parent and I remember how tough some of those Christmas’ were. It was so hard some years, especially not having other adults to share it with. Sharing the joy of watching kids open presents, and sitting back chatting after being stuffed full of Christmas goodness, singing Christmas Carols. All of those thing that make Christmas what it is. It was hard not having someone else to share that with.

I loved that the kids had fun but it was such a lonely time for me.

When I started this charity I knew Christmas would be a lonely time for many but I was glad to see so many events already happening on Christmas Day for people experiencing homelessness.

Then I thought about single parents who might be just like I used to be. Just my kids and I at Christmas. I didn’t want anyone else to feel like that so I decided to start up a Christmas lunch for single parents who are going to be spending it with no other adults.

We had our first Christmas lunch event last year and it was such an incredible day. We can’t wait to do it again and bring more Christmas joy to single parents.

If you know someone or your are someone who would like to spend Christmas Day lunch with us in our Courtyard please send us an email. We would absolutely love to have you and your kids share your day with us.