Christmas in the Courtyard

As I sit here reflecting on the incredible event that came together today I’m struck by so many different thoughts.

Although I knew in my heart that people are incredible and they are often looking for avenues to share love and support to others, today I got to see that love in action. And my heart just about burst right out of my chest.

I had an idea to bring isolated single parents and their children together on Christmas Day so they’d have somewhere to to spend Christmas where they’d be welcomed. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, but I knew it needed to be done.

So, I put the call out for help and I hoped that people would come. And they did. They came in droves. They came with food and presents and time and so much love that it was hard to stop myself from wrapping them all up with hugs all day.

All day through the back gate more people came. They didn’t know each other and they didn’t know the people they were helping. Yet they arrived with arms laden full of food and desserts and presents, and no sooner had they put them down they picked up a volunteer badge and started pitching in.

Everything was absolutely perfect.

Our guests began to arrive and as they did a volunteer would be with them to check in and make sure they were ok so no one was left alone. The more guests arrived the more volunteers greeted them and made them feel welcome. Meanwhile in the kitchen the hustle and bustle of food preparation and volunteers pitching in to just make things happen was going on and everything was coming together perfectly.

Today 36 strangers became family.

The food was incredible. I cannot begin to even describe the different array of delicious offerings that were served up. Absolutely everything from a traditional Christmas dinner as well as incredible mouth watering vegan treats. Gingerbread, shortbread, Christmas puddings and cakes galore. It was all there.

Our guests were served food and drinks by our volunteers and were were able to spend the day relaxing and being spoiled.

Then Santa came and he had gifts for everyone! I so wish I could show you the faces of these gorgeous kids and the excitement they felt having Santa visit. Many Mums were crying tears of joy watching their children receive present they never expected. Santa also made sure the Mums all had a huge hamper each and when it was time to leave each family was given a large food hamper and some vouchers from our wonderful supporters.

Our volunteers did not stop. All day they worked so hard and made sure everyone was fed and happy and never alone. They made sure the food was served to everyone and that no one went without. They poured drinks, chatted with Mums and played with active toddlers. They rocked sleepy babies and at the end of the day they packed up everything like actual magical fairies.

My thanks for them can never be conveyed in words. There are no words for what these amazing people did. Every single person today made a huge difference in the lives of someone else and to me that’s what Christmas is really all about.

We couldn’t take many photos of the day as the privacy of our guests is of utmost importance but please have a scroll through and see our volunteers in action as well as some of the incredible people from the Brunswick community who helped out with food and gifts and so many other things.

As Christmas winds up for another year and I look back on today and the true meaning of Christmas, I know exactly what I’ll be doing Christmas Day next year and for every year after that. If you’d like to join in this magic please stay in touch.

Merry Christmas everyone. We love you all. Stay safe and we’ll see you in 2020.

Donna and The Kala Space team


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