Congratulations Leah

We are so incredibly proud of our superstar, Leah, and wanted to share her story with you.

We first met Leah when she was experiencing homelessness and staying at Launch Housing. Leah was in her early 20’s and had already been at Launch Housing for some months.

We invited Leah to do our Plate Up project which she accepted, and we’re so glad she did. Leah was a standout star at Plate Up and did so incredibly well during the program.

Leah soon joined us when we opened The Kala Space op shop, where she worked three days a week while she navigated her way out of homelessness. Working at Kala meant Leah could choose her own hours and grow her working confidence at her own pace. And what an incredibly fast pace it was!

Today, in the middle of a pandemic, with absolutely no help from anyone else, Leah started HER FIRST DAY AT HER NEW JOB! 🥳 This is a job Leah saw, applied for, interviewed for and was successful at getting all on her own. Leah was always an incredibly strong person but she had been through some extreme difficulties that she had to overcome.

Leah’s time at Plate Up gave her the confidence to keep going, and working at Kala meant Leah proved to herself that she is capable, she is strong, she is intelligent and she is very valued.

We are just so incredibly proud of you, Leah. I know I keep bombarding your messages telling you that, but you really do deserve to know just how amazing your are.

Congratulations you incredible woman.

We are so very proud of you 🥇 🏆 🙌👏


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Getting whats needed to the doorsteps.

Sun Sep 27 , 2020
We’re proud to continue supporting struggling families who’re really doing it tough during covid. There are many people unable to access adequate and timely necessities due to travel restrictions, isolation, covid affected close contacts and lack of safe transport. Every week we’re giving out thousands of nappies, tins of infant formula, hygiene items, Period Packs and new underwear, and awesome people like Dayle help us get it right to people’s door steps. This is what your donations help us to do. We appreciate each and every one of you 🙏