Covid-19 Deliveries This Week

In the past week alone we drove over 750km picking up and delivering necessities to families and community members during the covid lockdown.

Today’s haul was just as mighty as will be dispersed early tomorrow morning to those in need.

Toiletries, sanitary, hygiene items plus nappies and formula are so desperately needed out there in the community by people experiencing poverty and who are isolated.

The photos might seem like they’re on rotate but to the people receiving these items they mean fed babies, better hygiene, menstruation management and some much needed economic relief.

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for helping us to be able to do this. We appreciate it more than we can say ❤️🙏


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Over 5000 Nappies So Far

Thu Jul 23 , 2020
The week isn’t even over, yet we have already helped hundreds of isolated families affected by Covid-19 lockdown restrictions with a phenomenal number of donations. We have also delivered dozens of Period Packs, new underwear and other essential items. But it’s not just about the item itself. It’s about what it represents. It eases the burden and it shows people that others really do care, and that no matter what, they’re not in it alone. You, our followers, have done an incredible job making this happen. We thank you all so very much.