Delivering Easter Hampers

Yesterday we delivered 47 Easter hampers to families in financial crisis so children whose families celebrate Easter could still have a magical Easter Sunday when the Easter bunny visits.

Today we will be delivering 38 more hampers and we have over 100 more to deliver over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That’s more than 200 Easter hampers.

Each Easter hamper is made individually for each family, and we make sure there is something inside for every family member in the house.

Although we didn’t have a specific Easter fundraiser this year, these hampers were still made possible because of you. The money we raise at our BBQ fundraisers, your donations, and those incredible ongoing $5-20 per month donations our supporters make are what makes this possible.

Doing a fundraising campaign is great, however sometimes we either don’t have time or we have only just had a campaign for something else, and people really do get ‘donor fatigue.’ This is why smaller ongoing donations are a fantastic. We can source what we want without waiting for the campaign to end, and you have a way of knowing what you give is still used for an amazing purpose

If you would like to buy and egg or a bunny for our hampers, please click the link below to donate. We sincerely appreciate all the support we receive.

Unfortunately we are unable to take donations of Easter eggs due to logistical reasons.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter from everyone at National Homeless Collective. Thank you for your continued support.


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