Donna on The Good Girl Confessional Podcast

Below is an excerpt from the Women Beyond 40 Blog:

Proud Indigenous woman Donna Stolzenberg is a CEO, keynote speaker and trainer. In 2014, she had the simple idea of handing out 50 donated sleeping bags to homeless people. That idea has evolved into a nationwide charity.

The National Homeless Collective (NHC) is a grassroots Australian organisation that helps people affected by homelessness, domestic violence and social disadvantage.

A mother of five boys and a grandmother of two, Donna has lived experience of overcoming homelessness and hardship. Under Donna’s direction, NHC has created six sub-charities targeting different issues – Period Project, School Project, Plate Up Project, Sleeping Bags for Homelessness, and Secret Women’s Business. It also runs Kala Space, an op shop employing women affected by domestic abuse or homelessness.

Donna’s generosity and resourcefulness have provided practical solutions in Australia’s most recent crises. This includes helping women to safely escape homelessness, people affected by bushfires, or those locked down in the Melbourne towers during COVID-19.

To hear the full interview on the podcast please click the link below 😊


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Mon Dec 14 , 2020
Donna Stolzenberg took her lived expereince of homelessness and became the founder of the National Homeless Collective a grassroots organisation helping people affected by homelessness, domestic violence and social disadvantage. Find out how Donna’s work helps Australians hit by bushfires, COVID-19 and lockdown. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK #AusoftheYear