Education is meant to be free

Last week we were contacted by a Mum desperate for some help to get her boy ready for high school. With the fees, the uniforms, the book lists, she was going to be more than $1000 out of pocket.

This just should not be happening. So close to Christmas, parents out of work or reduced hours because of Covid, single parents struggling on Newstart allowance, looking for jobs that simply aren’t available to them, and stressed young teens who are worried they’re a burden on their parents who are just trying to get them educated.

If we don’t give children the tools they need, and avenues to fit in with their peers they simply won’t reach their potential. Not without a struggle at very least.

In this case we were able to log in and pay for this young mans book list to at least ease that burden for his Mum. When we look at all of the essential items on the list it came to over $500! And that doesn’t include all of his uniforms, shoes, backpack, lunch box etc.

How are parents meant to afford all of this?

Yes there are some small payments that are meant to help with the costs but for high school we’re talking about teenagers. Have you ever fed a teenager? Especially boys? You almost need a part time job just to feed them, and trying to keep up with their clothing is another hassle on it’s own!

This Mum managed to find some second hand uniforms and managed to get some fee relief for her primary school aged son, but the book list for her high school kiddo was just too much.

We wish we could help out every family who needs us, but sadly, we just can’t.

Education is meant to be free in this country. It isn’t.

If you’d like to help us help more families like these please donate below. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible. We simply can’t help them without you.

*These snippets of the actual conversation with the parent. This has been shared with permission.


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