Getting The Kids To School

When mums and kids flee domestic violence they generally do so with just the clothes on their backs.

When the amazing people at Launch Housing start working with these families they contact us at the National Homeless Collective so we can assist the kids via our School Project.

We believe every child has the right to an education and also the right to experience those positive memories at school camps and swimming.

The School Project’s aim is to provide any equipment required to help the kids continue with their education.

We provide equipment like books, stationery, bags and lunch packs.

We provide Swimming Packs with towels, bathers, goggles, bags and anything else they require for school swimming programs.

We provide camp packs including bags, sleeping bags, torches, towels, clothing, toiletries, bathers, insect repellent, sunscreen and anything else needed to attend school camps.

Finally we provide bicycles and helmets to help the kids get to and from school or participate in bicycle education programs.

Today was all about the getting kids to school and I had the privilege of buying and assembling four bicycles and a scooter and then delivering them to Rose at Launch Housing to pass on to two families.

Thank you so much for the donations that make this possible and for helping us to help these amazing families.

If you would like to donate so we can help more families we have a fantastic raffle going on right now where you could win a Ford Mustang.

To enter follow this link:


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Sat Dec 19 , 2020
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