Homeless in New York City

Looks so much like Melbourne, doesn’t it? People sleeping on the streets with nowhere to call home. This is New York City on the corner of 34th street and 5th Avenue. This is real and it’s happening everywhere. This is someone’s ‘home’.

We want to lead by example and eradicate this ridiculously ‘acceptable’ human situation. People should not live like this but they do. We’ve seen with our own eyes, they do.

Please, now is the time to knock on the doors of your elected members of parliament. Ask them what they’re doing about homelessness. Don’t ask what they’re going to do, they’re already elected. Ask them what they’re DOING! And if it’s something significant vote them in again. If it’s nothing, vote for the person who’s ready to take their place and do something.

You DO have that power to end homelessness. Please don’t leave it up to everyone else.

Melbourne, lets lead by example. Let’s be the first city in this country to force our government to end homelessness.

We did it with the Tampon Tax. We can do it with homelessness.

Now go pester a Politician and hold them to task!