Homelessness Matters Day 2018

Today is Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2018. To ensure the youth we support know we care we and that they matter we were thrilled to accept an invitation to spend the day as VIP guests with the crew from HoMie.

Our special guests were treated to a hair cut and manicure and each took away 5 articles of brand new HoMie clothing, plus a toiletries pack after enjoying some much needed pampering.

Afterwards we all enjoyed lunch together and talked about our experience. Our guests felt amazing after their VIP experience and were still chatting about it days later. It lifted their spirits more than we can say.

We take so much for granted. Every day experiences we call a part of life might be something someone else can only dream about, never experiencing it as a reality.

Please make sure everyone you know is aware of the special meaning behind today. Make sure our youth know they matter and that we’re doing all we can to help build a better life for them.

Thank you to the team at HoMie for having us along. You are the best ?

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