Leave no one in need this winter

Last week we were contacted by a family desperate for warm clothing. Homelessness has caused 6 family members to all to be crammed into a 2 bedroom over crowded home with not enough money to afford heating.

We bought all family members new winter jackets plus some warm doonas and doona covers. We also bought underwear, socks, warm jumpers and a few other things needed for winter.

Although we predominantly deliver sleeping bags with our Sleeping Bags For Homelessness project to help those on the street stay warm during winter, we also help out other people in need in a myriad of ways.

Keeping little ones warm during the day and while they sleep at night is one of them 🙏💜

If you would like to donate to help us keep families and people sleeping rough warm this winter please click on the link below. All donations over &2 are tax deductible.

Please help us leave no one in need this winter.