Lets Talk Safe Sex

We need to talk about sex. Safe sex.

Women experiencing homelessness do often have sex, just like the rest of the population. However the sad fact is, that sex is often to survive, make money, or, like the case of a lot of younger girls, to get a TInder date so they have somewhere to sleep that night and don’t have to worry about sleeping outside in the cold.

It’s absolutely horiffic but it happens every day.

And it can often be tricky to get access to condoms. We’ve recently had an agency who supports women experiencing homelessness contact us and ask if we can help out with a supply of condoms.

We said we’d love to!

This is where you come in. We’d love for you to throw a box of condoms into your grocery shopping this week and donate them to us to pass on. If you’re not comfortable doing that we’d love you to jump online to any store and order a box to have sent directly to our warehouse. Address below this post.

We want women to be safe and we need to come together in many ways to make that happen. A steady supply of condoms can really help. Please consider donating by sending some our way!

Melbourne Period Project

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