Menstrual Hygiene Day

Today is International Menstrual Hygiene day and it’s a day to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management.

Melboune Period Project supports people who are unable to achieve adequate and effective menstrual hygiene. We do this by providing Period Packs to all people who need support with menstruated hygiene management.

But, this all comes at a cost and it has been around four years since we have put a call out for financial support to keep our Period Project going. During that time our amazing supporters have stuck with us making their monthly donations to help keep us ticking along.

Unfortunately as the need for what we do has grown the financial support hasn’t matched it so we’re standing here hand on heart asking you to help us.

Bottom like is we need money. We need to get these Period Packs made and out to people who need them and that all comes at a cost. We’re a volunteer organisation but we still need to pay the bills. We still have to pay our volunteers insurance and our public liability. We need petrol and we need electricity. Nothing is for free.

Sadly the need for what are do has increased and we desperately need the financial support to increase along with it.

It costs just $5 per pack to get these Period Packs out there. $5 per pack or $60 per year and every cent is a tax deduction for you. $5 means a person living on the street, a woman in a refuge or leaving prison or a person living in their car will always have access to adequate menstrual hygiene.

Please consider donating below. $5 helps for a month, $60 helps for an entire year.

We absolutely desperately need your support more than ever.