Please Donate to National Homeless Collective ( Nobody chooses this. Homelessness is never an easy way to live. Homelessness is chaotic, lonely, cruel and cold. This week alone we sent out 40 sleeping bags to help young people experiencing homelessness, 30 more sleeping bags to children sleeping in cars, 24 sleeping bags to assist children to go to school camp, 35 sleeping bags to people sleeping rough, and 70 sleeping bags to our partner organisations to reach even more people who call the streets home. We have no sleeping bags left. Not one. Our 2021 allotment has been exhausted. We […]

Thank you to everyone who has supported our charity and thank you Raise For Good for making it all possible. To watch the draw click this link to view the video on Facebook. Thank you to everyone that supported this amazing raffle for our charity, below you will find the initials of the lucky winners and their ticket numbers, thank you once again, we have something extra special coming up for our next raffle so stay tuned, thank you once again you all made an incredible difference to someone’s life and for that, you are all winners 😍😍😍 First Prize […]

Thank you all so very much. I have no words. To win this award and be named as Victorian Australian of the Year is such an incredible honour and it really is on behalf of all of you who have helped along the way. Awareness is nothing without action, and I could never have gotten this far without your support. Thank you so much to all of you who have stood by me, listened to me, trusted me and and pitched in to help in any way. I am so proud to accept this award on behalf of all of […]

This story is very long, but it is also very important. We hope you will stick with us and read to the end. Thank you. Yesterday at 5pm Brooke and her teenage son were almost evicted from their home due to rent arrears. The police arrived in a wagon to facilitate the eviction and oversee the changing of the locks. Brooke could do nothing when the police arrived except stand there and watch them approach her, while she wondered what she would tell her 13yo son when he came home from his friends house, and where they would sleep that night. I […]

Yesterday we delivered 47 Easter hampers to families in financial crisis so children whose families celebrate Easter could still have a magical Easter Sunday when the Easter bunny visits. Today we will be delivering 38 more hampers and we have over 100 more to deliver over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That’s more than 200 Easter hampers. Each Easter hamper is made individually for each family, and we make sure there is something inside for every family member in the house. Although we didn’t have a specific Easter fundraiser this year, these hampers were still made possible because of you. The […]

The impact of homelessness on health.Homelessness is a serious social problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Among the many issues arising from homelessness, one of the most concerning is the negative chronic health outcomes often faced by people who are disconnected from society and have no stable or appropriate form of housing or shelter.Homelessness can have a profound impact on a person’s physical and mental health, leading to a range of long-term health problems that can be difficult to manage and treat. It is vital that society in general understand the ramifications homelessness has on a persons physical well-being. […]

We have known for years now that the fastest growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness are middle aged women, however, frightening data from the 2021 Australian census also shows that females accounted for 81.7% of the 6,067 increase of people experiencing homelessness in 2021.81.7% of the increase are women! That is absolutely appalling.More and more women are experiencing homelessness because services simply cannot keep up with demand. Domestic violence and intimate partner abuse rates are climbing and very little is being done to address this national crisis.The rate of homelessness for males decreased in 2021 to 55 males per 10,000 […]

“So why don’t they just get a job?” We hear this a lot. Homelessness is a complex and multifaceted issue that affects millions of people around the world. Among the many challenges that people experiencing homelessness face, finding and maintaining employment can be especially difficult. Without a stable home address, access to basic resources, and the support of a social network, individuals often encounter significant barriers to employment that can make it difficult to secure a job and sustain long-term employment. One of the most obvious challenges that individuals experiencing homelessness face when it comes to finding and maintaining employment […]

A huge thank you once again to Peter for dropping these life saving sleeping bags off to our warehouse. 100 of these sleeping bags are heading right over to the wonderful people at Perth Homeless Support Group, in Perth WA ro help kick off their winter appeal. Our sleeping bags are rated sub 10 degrees which means they will keep someone alive in that temperature. They are waterproof and they are brand new! If you would like to donate to help out more people who call the streets home, please head to our website to donate. All donations over $2 […]

Another 20 sleeping bags on their way to Mullumbimby to provide warmth to those displaced from the flooding in Northern NSW.The rebuild is going to take up to two years and there are still large numbers of families sleeping in temporary accommodation like caravans waiting for their houses to be rebuilt or made safe.We will support these families and similarly the families in Rochester Victoria as they recover from these devastating floods for as long as they need us.#sleepingbagsforhomelessness #nationalhomelesscollective

When we first started the Period Project we had no idea how large our charity would become or how many different projects we would implement to help people experiencing homelessness. Our main charity, National Homeless Collective (NHC) was actually registered two years after the Period Project started. Now, NHC is the umbrella charity for most of our projects. Traditionally we have created a new Facebook Page for each of our projects but this has become difficult and costly to manage and therefore we are merging all of our project pages under the main charity page call National Homeless Collective. The […]

.Did you get new pyjamas for Christmas? We would love to have your old PJ’s to pass on to women in domestic violence and homeless shelters across the country. We gladly accept the following: – sets (both tops and bottoms) – Nighties (preferably long with long sleeves) -Dressing gowns We cannot accept – Lingerie – Underwear – Slippers – Ripped or torn sleepwear The crisis accommodation services we support have asked for the following; “We prefer long nighties with long or 3/4 sleeves as these are more culturally appropriate and also cover bruises and scars. We prefer pyjamas to be […]

As a charity we support people experiencing period poverty. All people. Everyone. Today we sent two boxes of sanitary items and Incontinece items to a trans man experiencing homelessness who is not able to access these items himself. We support everyone. We always have and we always will. <img width=”640″ height=”853″ src=”×1024.jpg” alt=”” loading=”lazy” srcset=”×1024.jpg 768w,×300.jpg 225w,×1536.jpg 1152w, 1536w” sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” />

Yesterday we received a message from Georgia who works in the top end at a womens shelter we support. A few months back we sent up about 50 swim bags so kids at the shelter could do school swimming lessons and participate in water sports. Georgia sent us this gorgeous photo of two of the kids enjoying their swim bags at the local water park. “Thanks for the children gift bags. We had a picnic at the park with waterslide today. Although bit cold for us adults to play with water lol towels kept them dry and warm Thanks again […]