Simon getting it done

A huge thank you to Simon, our superstar volunteer who not only shows up whenever we need him, but also keeps in touch with people sleeping rough and checks in just to see that they’re ok.

Simon has been volunteering with us for over three years now we’ve lost count of the number of times he has been there for us whenever we’ve needed him.

Today Simon picked up a car load of nappies, formula, toiletries and sanitary items and delivered them to the residents of the towers in Collingwood.

A huge thank you to Ron from Drummond Street services for distributing these items to the individual families who live in the towers there.

We already have another car load for Simon to pick up tomorrow!


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Drummond Street Services

Thu Jul 16 , 2020
Can we please get another round of applause for Super Simon who showed up again today to take another run of nappies, formula, sanitary items, underwear and toiletries to the tower residents in Collingwood? Working alongside Rebecca and the incredible team at drummond street services means that we get to support hundreds more people in need especially in these incredibly difficult times. Simon is actually coming back on Monday to take out yet another load of essential items to these vulnerable families. Thanks again for allyour hard work, Simon. You’re one of the best 🥰🙏