The aim of Sleeping Bags For Homelessness (SBFH) is to provide a new sleeping bag to every person experiencing homelessness and sleeping rough on the streets of major Australian cities.

What began as a local initiative (Blanket Melbourne) back in 2014 has since grown into a national initiative with strong community support across Australia. Because of that, in 2018 we managed to fundraise and deliver more than 1,750 brand new sleeping bags to people experiencing homelessness.

Sleeping bags can be literal lifesavers during freezing cold nights. Every year people living on the streets die from exposure to the cold. This is unacceptable and unnecessary.

Just $30 buys a new sleeping bag for someone who might otherwise have nothing.

Of course, a sleeping bag doesn’t solve all the problems that come from living rough on the streets, that’s why we also assist people to find warmth, comfort, food, and friendship.

If you would like to make a financial donation to Sleeping Bags For Homelessness you can do so below using Credit Card or PayPal facilities through our secure payment gateway.

All donations greater than $2 are tax deductible.


Can I donate a blanket?

Yes! The Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul are happy to take them any time! We mainly look after people sleeping rough, and they tell us that blankets just don’t work for them for very practical reasons as weight, bulk and water proofing.

Can I offer a used sleeping bag?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Sleeping bags can wear down quickly and need to be sturdy to help a person survive on the streets in all kinds of weather. There is also the consideration that getting something new and just for them very rarely happens for a homeless person. A gift of a new sleeping bag can lift their spirits more than you can imagine.

Can I come with you to hand out the sleeping bags?

Perhaps! We do regular street walks to give out the bags. Just get in touch and we can have a chat about what you can expect and what is involved.

Do you take clothing and shoes?

We do, in our op shop the Kala Space. It’s always a good idea to contact us first, because we are fortunate to live and work in a generous city and get many donations offered. We can tell you what our clients need most and who else might have a use for your pre-loved.

Contact us at any time via our Facebook page, or Email to hear more about how you can help.

  • Knitters and crafty crochet folk we need you! Each week we give out Winter Warmer bags with warm winter clothing including beanies, scarves and gloves/mittens. Unfortunately even though it has only just hit winter, we have already run out of stock for our next lot of bags. We desperately need
  • This man was so unwell from hypothermia we had to call him an ambulance. We hate having to share these photos but this is the reality of the work we do. This is the life of the people we help. Discarded, broken and forgotten. People freezing and cast aside. People
  • Melbourne’s lockdown is continuing and this morning we gave away the very last of our Period Packs and our last toiletries pack. We are desperate to get more out there for the thousands of people affected by lockdown and subsequent job loss. Last year we raised over $50,000 to help

Sleeping Bags For Homelessness

It’s that time again. Winter is fast approaching and sadly every year there are more and more people experiencing homelessness and sleeping on the streets.

A sleeping bag can literally save a life, and we’re aiming to get at least 500 of them to save as many lives as possible. 500 is the minimum we need. 1000 would be amazing. Every single one of them is needed.

As you can see, we’ve had a name change! As every year passes we learn more about what’s needed out there on the streets and the biggest call now is for sleeping bags. This year we’re focussing on getting as many sleeping bags out there as we can. You can help by donating just one sleeping bag, or, get a group of friends or work colleagues together and see how many you can donate as a group.

We can’t wait to reach our target this year.

Please read our FAQ’s below and feel free to add any further questions we may not have been asked yet.

Also, please please help us get the word out there and get as many sleeping bags as we can. Please share this post far and wide and help us help them


Sleeping Bags For Homelessness FAQ

*Q. How do I get a sleeping bag to you?
A. The easiest way is to jump online to any store or Ebay, order a bag and have it sent straight to us at our warehouse.

*Q. Where do the sleeping bags go?
A. Sleeping bags go out to people sleeping on the streets of Melbourne, surrounding suburbs, and towns. They’re mostly handed directly to the people in need however some are given to soup vans and shelters that might be able to reach people we can’t connect with. Every bag donated is given to a person sleeping rough.

*Q. Where are you located?
A. We’re at 4/345 Plummer St Port Melbourne 3207

*Q. Can I drop a sleeping bag off to you?
A. Yes, however, we’re only open limited hours during the week. Please keep an eye out on the page for details

*Q. What type of sleeping bag should I get?
A. It’s freezing in Melbourne over winter so a sleeping bag with a sub-zero weather rating is best. You can check these details out on the page you’re buying from

*Q. Can I donate a second-hand sleeping bag?
A. Unfortunately not. For hygiene reasons sleeping bags need to be new and in their bags. Many second-hand sleeping bags we have received have had broken zips, been laundered incorrectly which means they’ve lost their waterproof ability or have been unclean and smelly. Our team doesn’t have time or space to repair or launder sleeping bags. New bags means we can deliver them to the streets straight away.

*Q. My Sleeping bag is second hand but in good condition. Why won’t you take it?
A. Unfortunately, everyone’s interpretation of good condition is different. We’ve received many unusable sleeping bags that others thought were in good enough condition. This costs us a lot of money to remove them and costs time that could be spent doing other things.

*Q. Are you taking blankets again this year?
A. No. There are now many organisations and groups collecting and donating blankets so we’re focussing on sleeping bags this year.

*Q. How much does a sleeping bag cost?
A. It depends on the one you buy however you can usually get a good quality lifesaving sleeping bag for around $30-40

*Q. Do you take children’s sleeping bags
A. Generally no. We do give out children’s sleeping bags for school camp but given we don’t really know the height of the children we often send adult sleeping bags anyway in case the child is tall. Plus the child can continue to use the sleeping bag as they grow

*Q. Do you take doonas and pillows?
A. Not this year. We’re focussing only on sleeping bags as they’re more practical, easier to carry and store.

*Q. If I donate a sleeping bag can I get a tax receipt for the cost of it?
A. No. You can get a tax receipt for a financial donation however not for product donations

*Q. If I make a financial donation can I get a tax receipt?
A. Yes. If you make a financial donation, please email for a tax receipt. Please provide your name, date of donation and amount donated

*Q. I want to make a financial donation. What are your bank details
A. We appreciate every financial donation made. All money goes directly to helping get sleeping bags out to those on the street. If you’d like to make a financial donation please visit our donate page.