Thank You Father Bob and Orange Sky Laundry

We had a lovely catch up with Graham and the team from the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation and the lovely Natalie from Orange Sky Australia last night at Peanut Farm. These beautiful humans help deliver your sleeping bags out directly to our friends sleeping rough.

With so many people needing support these days it’s crucial we team up with like-minded and genuine organisations such as these guys to increase our reach.

We saw around 30 bags go out last night and both groups have many more on hand to pass on to people they meet along the way.

The services offered at this outreach are amazing but the friendships and connections we see people make are just so beautiful to see. We had a great chat with Father Bob himself and learned so much more about what his incredible foundation does and what they have achieved and still continue to do.

We look forward to catching up with everyone again soon.