Thank You For The Donations

What a day! What an incredible amazing day. Only a few weeks ago we had completely run out of sanitary items and desperately needed help. And you amazing people all came together as soon as we put out the call for support.
We didn’t get photos of everyone who stopped by but we’d like to thank everyone all the same.
We haven’t counted our donations but we will do that next week and let you all know how much we raised.
Thank you all. You really are amazing and we are so grateful for your support.


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A Warm Bed For a 3yr Old Girl

Mon Jul 11 , 2022
We received a call on Friday from one of our partner organisations asking if we could possibly find a bed for a 3 year old girl named Emily. Although a home had been found for Emily, her Mumand Emily’s baby brother, they couldn’t find a bed for Emily anywhere. Furniture isn’t something we often take care of but all other avenues had been exhausted and we felt that being a big 3 year old, Emily deserved her very own bed. Thanks to your donations we were able to have a new bed and mattress delivered to Emily today. She will have her very […]