Thank You Moreland City Council

Please click on the Moreland City Community Grants logo above to see how the Moreland City Council Community Grants program could help your organisation.

We are honoured and would like to thank the Moreland City Council and specifically the Moreland City Council Community Grants Program for approving an Operational grant of $30,000 split over 3 years to assist us in running our charity.

This ongoing support and generosity from Moreland City Council makes us proud to be part of this amazing and vibrant Moreland City community.

Thank you Moreland City Council and thank you Moreland City residents and community for your support and especially the volunteers that help perform the work we do.


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Tue Jul 14 , 2020
Today we delivered 27 warm life saving sleeping bags to another charity that helps people sleeping rough. No one charity can do everything on its own. We do a lot and we’re proud of our work but we can’t meet all the needs of all the people all the time. This is why collaboration with other charities is important. A huge part of being your best as a charity is understanding not only what else needs to be done but also what else is currently being done, and working with those groups to ensure a better experience for those in […]

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