Thank you Vollyspot

A touch over twelve months ago the National Homeless Collective were contacted by the amazing people at Vollyspot.

The team at Vollyspot had been following our Melbourne Period Project initiative and wanted to assist us in any way possible.

Vollyspot then invited us to partner up for their events as their charity of choice. We graciously accepted and from then on we have been on board cooking BBQs to feed their patrons.

These BBQs have raised much needed funding to enable us to create further initiatives like The Plate Up Project and The Kala Space. Both of these are projects where we give a hand up to women escaping domestic abuse or homelessness and provide them with training and certification to begin a career and provide a path to financial independence.

Thank you Justin and the team at Vollyspot for not only inviting us to partner with you but also for being so community minded and compassionate.

It is rare that you come across such groups as Vollyspot that not only want to help out charities and the community but also stick around for the long haul and provide ongoing opportunities for charities such as ours.

Thank you once again.

To find out more about the Vollyspot team and what they are up to please visit their website or facebook pages.





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