Update from Kelly

Update and a huge thank you from Kelly.

Thanks to your generosity we have helped Kelly and her children re settle into a new property far away from the abuse and trauma they were suffering.

We have engaged a lawyer to assist in finding answers as to why Kelly was placed in a house next to a violent convicted criminal and pedophile. The case has also had media attention and we will ensure Kelly’s privacy is maintained while answers ars found.

Kelly is settling in well and sends a huge thank you to everyone who donated items and assisted in helping us to fully furnish her house. The children were so excited to receive their new clothes. We also bought some toys as they had absolutely nothing to play with.

Those of you who are following her story will remember Kelly left with nothing after her house was broken into with absolutely everything destroyed and covered in faeces.

This beautiful family slept in the back of their car for weeks because it wasn’t to safe enough to go home. Emergency services only gave them two nights in a hotel. That was all the help they received. At night time Kelly would drive to the safest place she could find and settle the family down to sleep. Imagine having to sleep in the back of your car with your three children because you couldn’t go home. That was Kelly’s reality.

We have been able to fully replace everything from clothing to bedding, all kitchen items, washing machine, beds and couches, everything! I was privileged to spend a couple of days with Kelly and her children. They are the most beautiful family. The children are such gorgeous little people. They have been through such unimaginable trauma but it hasn’t dampened their smiles, and like all children they were so excited to receive some new toys and art supplies.

Kelly has three gorgeous children. Chloe is 5 and has autism. She loves doing art and uses pecs cards to help her communicate. She has the most incredible smile! Hamish is 4 and loves ducks! He is a quiet thoughtful little guy who adores his sisters and has such a kind heart. Baby Ella is a brave little warrior who loves to climb and sing! They are beautiful children and a credit to their amazing Mum.

The children all found it hard to sleep after the trauma of what they went through and were often waking at night. We bought them all a teddy each that projects stars and moons onto the wall at night time. Kelly told us the children wake much less now they have settled in with their new teddies.

Now we need to help this family get through Christmas and get the children settled into school for next year. We have purchased school back packs for the children and will be adding school supplies to the list.

Our next step is to help fund a split system air conditioner for the family. Kelly has a serious heart and liver condition and needs to have temperature control as much as she can. Her last house had a large air conditioner in it however it is not able to be installed in her new property. She is unable to secure any other funding.

We will be able to have the split system installed however we need to raise funds to purchase the unit.

We are asking for your help to make this happen. The easiest way to help is to buy a ticket in our raffle which is drawn on Christmas Eve.

Something for you and something to help Kelly. Link is below.

*Names have been changed. Photos have been shared with permission.

Kelly is so grateful for everyone’s support. She said she didn’t know how she would manage to survive this, and that if she could hug each and every one of you, she would.

Kelly does read the comments so please send her a message. She is amazing and I know your messages of support help her keep going.


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