We Are Merging

When we first started the Period Project we had no idea how large our charity would become or how many different projects we would implement to help people experiencing homelessness.

Our main charity, National Homeless Collective (NHC) was actually registered two years after the Period Project started.

Now, NHC is the umbrella charity for most of our projects.

Traditionally we have created a new Facebook Page for each of our projects but this has become difficult and costly to manage and therefore we are merging all of our project pages under the main charity page call National Homeless Collective.

The projects will remain running but the following pages will be merged in under the main charity pages.

The main page where the projects will be merged to is:

The pages that will be merged into the main page are:

Going forward all posts for the exiting projects and any new projects will be posted on this main National Homeless Collective Facebook page.

As mentioned we will still continue to run all of our projects which aim to support people experiencing homelessness, and now it is time to bring all of these projects together.

We thank you all so much for your incredible support over these past 8 years hope you will stay for the merge!


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Still Helping Mullumbimby

Mon Jan 16 , 2023
Another 20 sleeping bags on their way to Mullumbimby to provide warmth to those displaced from the flooding in Northern NSW.The rebuild is going to take up to two years and there are still large numbers of families sleeping in temporary accommodation like caravans waiting for their houses to be rebuilt or made safe.We will support these families and similarly the families in Rochester Victoria as they recover from these devastating floods for as long as they need us.#sleepingbagsforhomelessness #nationalhomelesscollective