We need more Nappies, Wipes and Formula

Melbourne we came through for our little ones during the 2020 lockdown and we need your help again.

Unfortunately greater Melbourne is still in lockdown which has meant many families are suffering. We have had an urgent request from one of our larger partner organisations for infant care products. We have around 300 families to support.

Sudden job loss has created unexpected financial hardship for many families and once again we are seeing the same devastating effects we witnessed in last years Melbourne lockdown. Last year we assisted thousands of families with infant care products thanks to your incredible support.

We need your help again. Families with infants have run out of nappies, wipes and infant formula. We have been asked if we can assist and we will do everything we can to see these babies given the care they need but we need your help to do that.

The easiest way is to purchase a ticket in our raffle to win a luxury holiday. Tickets are $25 each which is about the cost of a large packet of nappies or a tin of formula. This holiday prize has been donated to us to raffle to raise much needed funds for emergencies such as this.

Please click the link below to purchase a ticket and help us help our babes of Melboune stay dry and fed.


Unfortunately donating to charity is not one of the 5 permitted reasons to leave home so we cannot encourage people to donate physical items. Also with covid being unknown and so many contact points around Melbourne we unfortunately cannot take physical donations at this time. We must limit the amount of contact points for items we donate.

Thanks again Melbourne. Please help us help as many of these babes as we can.


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