We Need Nighties

“Imagine this. This is actually happening to women right now.

The police come and take you to hospital for a check up. You’re bruised, bashed and your clothes are soaked in your own blood, sweat and dirt from where you’ve been dragged outside by your hair. A separate car has taken your partner to the police station but it’s not safe to go home. They’ve already told you he’ll be released.

The doctors check you over and after they stitch up the cut above your eye and give you some pain killers you’re allowed to leave. The social worker orders a taxi for you and gives the driver the address for the shelter. She calls ahead to let them know you’re coming.

You arrive at the shelter and you know you’re safe, for now. The women there are lovely and they make you a cup of tea and offer you some food. You’re too upset to eat but the tea washes the taste of blood from your mouth.

All you want now is a shower and sleep. You know the physical nightmare is over for tonight but the nightmare of moving forward will begin tomorrow.

You just want a shower and to get these blood stained clothes off you.

The women at the shelter show you where the showers are and offer you some soap and a towel. Then you realise you’ve got nothing to change into after your shower. You ask if you could borrow a nightie.

They don’t have any.

The funding was cut and they have no money to buy any more. You’ll have to put your dirty clothes back on and try to get your own clothes tomorrow.

This is what is happening right now in shelters we work directly with. This is not a joke or just a story made to tug at your heartstrings. It’s literally happening right now and we’re absolutely furious. We just delivered 450 pairs of underwear but we don’t have any nighties.

Their funding was cut in January and now there’s no money to even buy a nightie for a woman to change into after she arrives seeking safety. She’s bruised and bloodied but we can’t offer her a clean nightie to change into.

We need to change that but we need your help. These nighties are desperately needed. Our partner agency (we cannot name them) see around 200-300 women each year. We want to get them started with 30 new nighties for the next 30 women they see who desperately need their help and just want something clean to sleep in.

We want to do a direct click and drop (they’re a remote refuge, hidden for the safety of the women) but we can take donations of new nighties if you’d prefer to buy and donate one. All cash donations over $2 are tax deductible but we cannot offer tax receipts for purchased items.

The nighties must be:

  • Breathable material
  • Long (past the knees)
  • Short sleeved (no straps)
  • Not see through
  • Light and cool (the climate is hot)
  • Not clingy

    We checked a few places and we can get the perfect nightie for around $15-$20 depending on the store and any sales.

    Please, if you can please donate. Imagine sleeping in bloodied dirty clothes because you have nothing else to wear. It’s humiliating and soul destroying. Sleepwear is something most of us take for granted but for these women it will mean the world

    30 nighties at $20ea means we need to raise $600. Any further money raised will buy more nighties. We’ll just keep buying as many as is needed.

    As for the matter of the funding cut? What the hell! How can we as a society find it in any way acceptable that a woman seeking safety and shelter after being bashed can’t have something clean and fresh to sleep in? We are beyond furious and we hope you are too.

    Yes, we keep asking for money and we hate that we have to but the government keeps cutting funding and we’re becoming more and more desperate for your support.

    I’m crying just hearing about these women today and the refuge workers are heartbroken at having to say no to something as basic as a nightie. Please, let’s not make them suffer any more.

  • If you would like to make a financial donation for us to purchase nighties on your behalf you can do so using Credit Card or PayPal facilities through our secure payment gateway.

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