Where are they now

So, where are they now?

Many times we post about individual people we’re assisting who are facing incredible challenges through domestic violence related issues, homelessness and trauma. Every single time our supporters and followers rally together to help get these people back on their feet.

Often when the person moves on we never hear back from them, but most times they stay in touch and let us know how they’re doing.

Here are some short updates on a couple of the people you have helped us to assist recently 💜

🙏 Christine: “It’s amazing knowing I’m waking up each morning safe. Yesterday when I woke up I heard cows mooing. I forgot what it was like to feel peace.”

Christine is safe and now living in a rural area. Her attacker is still behind bars awaiting sentencing.

🙏 Lauren: I received a photo from Lauren recently of her and her child. Under it she had written, “But that photo of me and (child), it’s thanks to you and NHC/MPP that our smiles have returned.”

Lauren and her family are finally able to sleep at night thanks to the security system we installed for her. We caught up a couple of times before lockdown. It was so good to see that smile in person.

🙏 Lily: We recently organised for a team of volunteers to take meals and other items to Lily as she was in a motel room with two children and unable to cook them healthy meals. We also gave Lily vouchers for food and clothing for her family. She recently sent me this. “Send my heartfelt thank u to all beautiful ladies that cook meals for us such a big help.”

Lily has now moved into a 3 bedroom unit close to her child’s school. We are continuing to help her get set up as she left her home with nothing but her clothes.

🙏 Katie and her baby: Katie is doing great. She has settled in her new place and she’s patiently awaiting the birth of her baby girl. One of our supporters has ‘adopted’ Katie and her family and are like new surrogate grand parents.

We’re catching up with Katie on Friday to hand over her new car seat for Bub and all of the wonderful presents she has received for her Baby Shower. I don’t know what the presents are but I’m sure they are absolutely gorgeous and Katie will have a wonderful time opening them all.

Thanks to your generosity we were able to buy Katie absolutely everything she needed for baby including pram, car seat, nappies, clothing and everything else.

I believe baby is due in about 5 weeks! Katie send us a gorgeous 3D ultrasound photo that we’ll share soon. She’s happy and awaiting the arrival of her new baby girl.

There are many other people supported by our beautiful extended MPP family. I will be catching up with some of them soon and will keep you updated.

This is what true love and support look like in action, folks. Thank you all for shining a light and helping us help so many people who otherwise would be left behind in the darkness.


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